Toddler Muslin Blanket

  • SUPER SOFT & BREATHABLE ☁️Our bamboo blankets are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. And, they get even softer with every wash! The 6 layer muslin material helps to prevent overheating while stays warm and ensures a good night's sleep for your little one.
  • MADE FROM THE IDEAL FABRIC 🌿Our bamboo cotton muslin blend ensures that you get the best of both worlds: The ultra-luxury comfort of bamboo and the strength of cotton so your favorite blanket would last a long time.
  • BRING IT EVERYWHERE 🌍At home, picnic, or for a quick nap on the road. Big enough to cover your toddler, small enough to carry around. It's the attachment you wouldn't mind your child having!
  • 'OWN THE DAY' BAG ✨Each purchase comes with a complimentary high-quality EVA bag that helps you pack those extra change of clothes, wet swimsuits or documents. Fits beautifully in your diaper bag, suitcase or on its own.
  • PART OF OUR SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING INITIATIVE 🌎All of our mailer bags are bio-degradable, which means they will be broken down, not into microplastics, but into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. Talk about feeling good when you make the right choices 😉




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