Bamboo Hooded Towel - Rainbow

  • SUPER SOFT AND ABSORBENT ❤️These bamboo hooded towels are gentle on even the most sensitive skin. And, they get even softer with every wash! The super absorbent properties will make sure she dries up in no time.
  • MADE FROM THE IDEAL FABRIC 🌿Our bamboo cotton muslin blend ensures that you get the best of both worlds: The ultra-luxury comfort of bamboo and the strength of cotton so your favorite blanket would last a long time. Say goodbye to smelly towels that also don't hold up well.
  • COVERS HER WHOLE BODY 🛁 At 32 x 32 inches it is big enough to wrap our 3 yo daughter comfortably, and it's still a favorite to our 5 yo son, so rest assured you're buying this to use for years to come!
  • "OWN THE DAY BAG"✨Each purchase comes with a complimentary high-quality EVA bag that helps you pack those extra change of clothes, wet swimsuits or documents. Fits beautifully in your diaper bag, suitcase or on its own.
  • PART OF OUR SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING INITIATIVE 🌎All of our mailer bags are bio-degradable, which means they will be broken down, not into microplastics, but into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. Talk about the great feeling when you make the right choice 😉

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