bassinet sheets

With these soft, breathable bassinet sheets your baby will have a comfy night's sleep every day in their nursery! Made from bamboo muslin to ensure softness and durability, these sheets are perfect for a nursery of any style. The elastic corners ensure a snug fit on any mattress of different shapes and sizes.


It depends on how often you want to wash the sheets, as well as how many accidents would happen during the week (or even day!).

We usually recommend 2-5 sheets so you can comfortably swap them without rushing to wash every time.

It is because Loose sheets can obstruct the baby's breathing and cause a suffocation hazard.

Bassinet mattresses are usually thin and hard to prevent babies from sinking their faces in, which would be a suffocation hazard.

No. Our bassinet sheets have elastic bands at the bottom to allow a flexible, but snug fit. Therefore you can use the same sheet for an oval, hourglass or rectangle bassinet.

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