sleeping bags

Keep your little one warm without the risk of overheating with a bamboo baby sleeping bag. Made with soft and cozy muslin, our wearable sleeping bags are designed for a more comfortable sleep, allowing your little ones plenty of leg room to wiggle. 



Sleeping bags, or sleep sacks are safe for babies to sleep in. They are preferred over blankets, especially for infants as baby can risk covering their face with a blanket by accident.

Sleeping bags provide babies with a sense of security and warmth while they sleep. These sacks have double zippers that keep them snugly in place, and prevent the baby from kicking off or losing their covers.

Depending on the weather or season, you should choose a sleeping bag with the appropriate thickness. We are currently carrying the 0.5tog sleeping bag and these are ideal for warmer days as the muslin material is highly breathable while still being able to keep your baby cozy.

Sleep sacks are great to keep babies warm and comfortable during the first few months of your baby's life.

Once your baby is near the 24 month mark, they can be transitioned out of these sacks, although it is perfectly normal if they can sleep without the sleep sack from the beginning as well. Every baby is different!

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