fitted crib sheets

Your baby deserves the best. That's why we've created a high-quality product that's extremely affordable. Our crib sheets are made of breathable bamboo & cotton blended fabric, which will make your baby's sleep more comfortable and help regulate their temperature.

The elastic corners of your bed will also be snugly fit to the mattress, ensuring your baby doesn't kick off the sheets during the night.


We usually recommend at least 2, so you would always have a spare set to change while you wash the other set.

Sometimes accidents (will) happen such as diaper blowouts or drools, milk dribbles, etc., and having a few extra sets of sheets will really come in handy.

The standard size for crib mattresses in North America is 28" x 52" x 9".

The standard size for crib mattresses in the UK and Europe is 60cm x 120cm x 10cm.

Please always make sure to check that your crib sheets would fit these dimensions.

Babies have sensitive skin, and some are super sensitive. Crib sheets usually come in cotton, or bamboo fabric, as they are among the softest materials available.

When shopping for crib sheets for babies, you should check for softness and breathability to make sure that it's something your baby can sleep comfortably on it for hours.

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