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Our Story

...starts with the frustration when we had tried many, different things to help our son's rashes due to eczema, but it did not improve. Although his condition was fairly mild, being told by the doctors that it's something he will have to live with, at least for his first few years just wasn't very helpful when you're the parents.   

When we found out about the bamboo material, and it's many benefits, we started replacing everything we could with bamboo, and started paying more attention to other products & materials that are also gentle on the baby's sensitive skin.  

Fast-forward a few years, we are now parents of 2, still love traveling, and have recently moved to Vancouver BC. Being on the go often with kids means we had to learn to buy things that are practical, durable, rather than things that are meant to be thrown away after a short while.   

Over the years, we have met so many other families whose children (and even themselves) have super sensitive skin. All of us also have one thing in common: we were new parents and were constantly exhausted. Having things that either just did not work, or break after a few uses, was literally the last thing we need. The time it took to learn how to use them, or worse, fixing them could actually be spent with our babies, or to have some me time to look after ourselves. 

When Nightingale was founded, we set out to help other parents like us & support them on their parenting journey because we're all in this together, and we're here for you.

Our mission: 


To provide comfort & security for a child’s first years, helping parents overcome the overwhelming experience of taking care of fragile little humans for the first time.


Our Products

We focus on only a few things when making our products:
1. They have to gentle on your baby, especially those with sensitive skin.
2. They should work right out of the box: practical, durable and versatile.
3. The products must be made with the highest quality possible. We would only sell them if we would be happy to use them for our own children. 


Tested (and abused) by tiny humans. Approved by parents.



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