5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dads That They're Sure to Love!

It's that time of year again! All the kids are putting up decorations, the oven is getting prepped for Christmas cookies, and your husband is probably enjoying a well-deserved day off. It's finally time to shop for holiday gifts. But what do you get for him? After all, he's got everything he needs. The best gift you can give him this holiday season is something that shows just how much you care. If you're looking for a gift that will show him just how much you love him, look no further than these five wonderful gifts for dads on the holidays.

What to look for in a present

Finding the perfect gift for dads can be challenging because every dad wants something different. Some like practical gifts, while others want something sentimental. Often, these two types of people are one and the same.

What to look for in a present for Dad depends on his personality! If you're not sure what he would enjoy most, try out these five holiday gifts that will make any father happy.

The perfect gift for a dad who loves music

headphones for work and running

A comfy pair of headphones for music and work that he can take anywhere. Credit: Unsplash

If he loves listening to music, he would likely appreciate a pair of quality headphones. These are great for running or working out or for meetings. We like the Apple Airpods because they're lightweight and have very good sound quality. For over-ear headphones, you can check out the Bose Headphones 700.

If he likes to listen to music at home, consider gifting him a new speaker set. This one is definitely a splurge, so do check which type he likes though because dads can often be very particular about that!

The perfect gift for a dad who loves sports

sports socks for dads

A good pair of running socks will last for years. Credit: Amazon

Are you looking for a fun gift that your dad will easily be able to use? How about some snazzy new socks? No matter what kind of sports he's into, there are plenty of pairs of socks that are perfect for him this time of year. If he plays from running socks to soccer socks, the choice is endless. If he loves watching sports, a nice comfy pair of reading socks would be an awesome gift to keep his feet warm around the house. 

For those dads who are constantly active, maybe a new workout shirt would also be a great idea. 

The gift that would make him smile (or laugh)

meaningful and funny cards for dads

 A card to show you appreciate his humor. Credit: Etsy

Dads can be pretty serious sometimes. They may take things too seriously. That is not going to happen with these gift ideas that are full of humor to lighten the mood. From a card to show your appreciation to his humor, to an actual dad jokes book, so he can brush up on his jokes, these will definitely put a smile on his face. 

A joke book is a great way to do that. Whether he's joking around with friends, family, or coworkers, a joke book will definitely put a smile on his face.

The perfect gift for a dad who loves photography

 DIY Family videos

A short course that teaches him to create magical family moments.
Credit: DIY Family Videos

Does Dad constantly taking pictures and creating new memories? If so, you can't go wrong with a camera as a gift for him this holiday season.

Whether he has an old or broken camera or wants to upgrade his current one, getting him a new one will make it easier for him to take better quality photos. Plus, better photos featuring you! *wink* *wink*

The best part about giving a camera as a present is that it can be used year after year. For any dad who takes pride in capturing memories, buying him a new camera this holiday season is the perfect present!

If he already has a great working camera, you can get him this course on creating magical family videos from Tenille at DIY Family Films. My husband tried it, and he was able to create some beautiful videos of our camping trip during the summer! It is something we have been recommending to everyone who is looking for a good video course without hours of learning. The best part is that you only need your phone to record AND edit the videos!

The perfect gift for all dads

photobook for dads

A gift to cherish all the wonderful memories. Credit: Unsplash

The one thing that dads have in common is that they love their kids. For this reason, the most meaningful gift he can expect to receive can be something totally inexpensive but incredibly meaningful. You and the kids can create a photo book of the family's most memorable moments and have the kids write their thoughts on some of those moments. 

If they can't write yet, they can have some fun on some of the pages with handprints and stamps too!

It's all about showing your love and appreciation

There are so many reasons to buy a gift for your dad this holiday season. From celebrating his years of fatherhood to thanking him for his support and love, there is no better way to show him how much you care than with a thoughtful present.

With our list of five great gifts, we hope you find the perfect present for that special man in your life. Which other great gift ideas that you have come across? Share with us in the comment below!

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