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It doesn’t seem two minutes since you were picking out bits for their nursery and choosing their crib, and now, you’re planning for toddler bedrooms! Babies don’t stay little for long; before you know it, those tiny little clothes and baby items are all packed away.

As a baby turns into a toddler, everything you know changes, and it’s time for them to explore spaces on their own. All parents want to develop their child’s independence, and one way we can do this is by giving them their space. If it's time for your toddler to have their own bedroom, this article will give you tips on making the perfect space for them.

Is There a Perfect Time to Give Kids Their Room?

There is no right time for a toddler to have their own room, and every family is different. There are some great benefits, including giving your child a little of the independence they crave in toddlerhood! Provided you follow safe sleep guidelines and child-proof their room, you’re free to be as creative as you like with the space!

Do Toddlers Need Their Own Room?

Different setups work for different families, and there is no set time when toddlers need to leave their parents’ room, nor is there an unwritten rule that they can’t share with siblings. Babies, toddlers, and children all develop at different rates, so deciding to give them their room will be different for everyone.
If you’ve had your little one in your room for over a year, and they’re not waking excessively, now might be a good time to give them their own space. In the meantime, if your child wakes several times a night (this happens even in toddlerhood, unfortunately), you might want to wait until they're sleeping better before giving them their own room, so you are not too far away when they wake.

There are many benefits of toddlers having their own room. Firstly, they’re of the age where they want to assert their independence anyway. As your toddler grows, you hear “I do it” quite often, so providing them with their own space allows them to feel independent and grown-up.

 📷 by @sweethomefromwood | Having a bed, allows toddlers to interact with their environment

Giving them a toddler bed instead of a crib encourages them to explore and interact with their environment. If you’re worried that they won’t stay in their bed with their newfound freedom, they might not at first. But the novelty will soon wear off, and you’ll quickly find that you and your toddler start getting more sleep now that you’re not disturbing each other through the night.

Let’s not forget, though, that a toddler having their own room isn’t always suitable for every family. Some families prefer to sleep in the same room or co-sleep (and get more sleep this way!).

Bedroom Essentials for Toddlers

The room essentials you need for a toddler vary considerably compared to a baby’s nursery. During toddlerhood, your child is still dependent and can’t go to the toilet, dress themselves, or feed themselves, so the things you need in their room also need to be accessible for you as their parent.

You’ll need bedroom furniture and storage space that suits your needs as well as theirs. And don’t feel like you need to get rid of your changing table soon! Many parents use this until their little ones are fully potty-trained. Here are some of the room essentials you might want to consider:

Toddler Bed

Some parents keep their children in a crib bed until around their third birthday or beyond, while others start introducing a toddler bed from around 18 months. It’s important to make the transition to a bed as smooth as possible – though you can expect some rough nights at first when your child realizes he can get up out of bed to explore!

As you transition your child into a bed, choosing one with bed guards will reassure you (and them) that they’re not going to fall out of it. Toddler beds are usually pretty low to the ground, so you shouldn’t worry about falling out so much.

Changing Table

Most parents love their changing table in the first weeks and months of a baby’s life, but many wonders until when they can use it. Provided your child doesn’t exceed the weight limit of your changing table, you can use it for as long as you need. Many parents still use their changing table even when their child is potty-trained.

📷 by Little Seed Kids | Some changing tables are convertible and can be used until the child's teenage years

Manufacturers recognize that changing tables aren’t needed forever and are coming up with new designs. Some changing tables are multifunctional and can grow with the child. There’s no need to get rid of your changing table just because your toddler is getting bigger.

Toy storage

Having toy storage in a bedroom is something that many parents debate. For most people, a child’s bedroom is their own small space where they can explore imaginative play. If your house is big enough for a playroom, you might ditch the toy storage in the bedroom. If you think having toys in the room might distract your child from sleeping, why not check out room design tips to help you decide.

Pro-tip: Consider building a reading nook or agree to have stuffed animals but no noisy toys, for example.

Bedroom Ideas for Toddlers

As an alternative to toy storage or play area, why not put a reading nook instead? 

Clothes cabinet and wardrobe for kids

If your child is anything like mine, they probably have a better wardrobe with lots of clothes! Given that toddlers grow so fast, you’ll need a clothes cabinet and ample storage for all the clothes and things they’ll need.

 📷 by Little Seed Kids Choose wardrobes that grow with your kids

Since you will be dressing them for at least a couple more years, invest in a clothes cabinet that is practical for you, too. You can buy child-size cabinets, but you might want to consider future-proofing their bedroom with cabinets that are full size and that will last longer.

Breathable sheets and blankets

When you switch to a toddler bed, safe sleep is still a must! It’s at this time that many parents switch from a sleep sack to a toddler blanket. With toddlers, it’s still important to have breathable sheets, blankets, and a firm mattress. Nightingale offers breathable crib sheets and blankets.

Something we learned: Bamboo is a fantastic fabric. It’s perfect for all kinds of weather, room temperature, and even kids with super sensitive skin.

Tried and Tested Transition Tips

Here are our top tried and tested transition tips for your toddler as he prepares to sleep in his or her room:

  • Let them choose their bedding design
  • Make the transition fun and exciting
  • Reward and praise when they settle well in their bed
  • Be patient and don’t expect them to settle straight away
Best bamboo blanket for kids
Let your kids choose their blanket design, so they feel involved in planning their room design

Be Patient and Enjoy the Process

Designing a toddler’s room can often seem overwhelming for both you and your kid. But unlike designing a nursery for an unborn baby, this is a really exciting time. For one, your toddler can actually get involved in the design and planning of the space. You might even be able to get them to ‘help’ sort out their clothes and belongings in their new bedroom and teach them all about chores.

Creating a beautiful, functional space that uses natural light will turn your toddler’s bedroom into a happy place. As with all things parenting, there’s no set timeframe or rules to follow when giving your toddler their own room. When you decide the time is right, just ensure that you follow safe sleep guidelines and choose breathable blankets, and you’re good to go!

Do you have any bedroom design tips for our Nightingale mommas? Drop it on the comment section ⬇️


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