Christmas in a Jar: Heart-Warming Gift Ideas for Mom

 It's almost time for the most wonderful time of year! For some of us, this means decorating with freshly bought ornaments; for others, it’s about making cookies from scratch. Whatever you choose, certain traditions can’t go wrong. My favorite part about Christmas might just have been filling up mason jars full of treats.


Bottling Your Feelings--in a Nice Way

Whether you're shopping for someone who has everything or you’re trying to find the best gift ever (and we know it's hard!), a gift in a jar is sure not to disappoint. It’s inexpensive, easy to put together (if you want to do a DIY version), and unique! In fact, there are tons of readily available treats and goodies in a jar that can make great presents, too — scroll down and prep that list! 

Relaxing Bath Salt for a Long, Hot Soak

Nothing beats a relaxing hot bath for a tired mama! Not to mention, it comes in handy remedy or relief when someone gets colds. Check the crowd’s favorite detox and calming bath salts from Herbivore that come in a posh jar. 


Christmas Gift Ideas | Herbivore Salt Bath


Give the gift of relaxation feat. Herbivore Himalayan Pink Bath Salt

It’s an excellent way for your mama friends to invigorate their senses. The CALM variant is made with Himalayan pink salt and aroma-therapeutic blends that can help relieve stress from the holiday rush.

Detox and Calm bath salt variants from Herbivore

Scents and Sensibilities

Imagine how it feels when you're homesick, and all you have are your favorite memories of Christmas morning at home. Transport your momma friends back to that time with a comforting scent, just like these gorgeous scented candles from Southern EleganceThese holiday-themed smells definitely remind you of home.

Check the fall and holiday collection from Southern Elegance


Indulge the senses with this sweet, rich, and creamy vanilla-scented candle. This scent features hints of spice baked into a buttery custard that has been crowned with an indulgent layer of caramelized sugar on top!


What's Southern Elegance' best-selling scent?

Christmas Cabin scent has classic holiday notes of spicy cinnamon, fresh orange zest, and juicy cranberry over the warm woody base. It really reminds us of the good times and holidays spent in wood cabins.

Power up with Coffee

We all know that moms need coffee, but did you also realize just how much we love it? This mama can't survive without their daily dose of caffeine. Whether in the morning to get them through those long hours at work or in the afternoon, pick me up when things feel extra tough. This Christmas season, make sure there are plenty of caffeinated beverages waiting for our favorite ladies ready and stocked up. 


 Give the gift of energy. Put these ready-to-drink pour over coffee in a jar!

Give them moms the energy from a ready-to-drink, pour-over coffee from Steeped Coffee.Top brews to buy:



Steeped Coffee offers healthy snack bars too!

Pro-tip: Get these 4-set mason jars from the Ball Store. Customize your lids using these printable stickers from Etsy. Take it out from the box and move it to clear mason jars, that can double up the packaging and coffee mug. Get these pastel silicone straws too in case you want them to serve it over ice. Add a ribbon to make it festive!

The Crafter’s Dream

A creator’s kit is perfect for the scrapbooking and crafty mommy friend in your life. Why? They’re not just about storing food anymore, they're also great to hold all sorts of supplies like adhesives and small scissors! You can never have too many markers either, so these gifts will be sure to make someone happy this holiday. Shop for these must-haves, and if you’re busy, Michaels offers in-store and curbside pick-up. Check out their store here

  • Precision Scissors or Pinking Shears. Get both if you truly love them!
  • Calligraphy Marker with different tips for variety.
  • Mini ribbon rolls in different colors because who does DIY without 
  • Super tape, rolls, and rolls of it
  • Stickers to label their supply boxes or jars


Get your crafting supplies from Michaels

Pro Tip: Go big! Check out the 64-oz. Bedoo 3-pack mason jars with a wide mouth, to fit as much as you can. 

Mom’s Secret Candy Stash

The secret candy stash is a lifesaver for when your mama friend needs to get away from everyone and just be alone with her favorite sweets. It would make the perfect gift that lets someone indulge in some peace, without any distractions! Check out this level-up version of the secret candy stash from Askinosie Chocolate. Their ready-to-eat treats are already kept in tight-lid jars. 

Askinoskie Chocolates Helps Cacao Farmers in Asia, South America and Africa



Give the gift of sweet escape with these chocolate covered malt balls

Askinosie Chocolates are run by father and daughter Shawn and Lawren. Lawren joins her dad in empowering women cocoa farmers and the girls in their communities. Talk about a secret candy stash with a purpose!

Pro-tip: Read this article from Scary Mommy on the best places to hide your secret stash!

Got any more gift-in-a-jar ideas? Share your suggestion in the comment box below!

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