Giving Back to Kids in Rwanda

The children of Rwanda are some of the most vulnerable in Africa, but they're also incredibly brave. We’re committed to giving back, so we partnered with Under His Umbrella Initiative on our latest cause: supporting school kids' education and lunches! 

Under His Umbrella kids

We partnered with Under His Umbrella to sponsor meals and the kids' educational needs

What is Under His Umbrella and How They’re Helping Kids in Rwanda

When our family learned about Under His Umbrella, we knew this would be a great way for us to make an impact on smaller communities. We want to send help to these school children to have access to healthy and good food, so they can grow up healthy.

Nightingale Baby gives back to the community

The organization doesn't just make sure they have good meals at home, they also eat well in school too

Here’s how the organization started…

When the organization founders Scott and Tanya took their oldest child, Taylor, on a short-term mission trip to Ethiopia and Rwanda in 2011 they had no idea how impactful it would be. The Rushes traveled with an organization called Go Be Love, and during one of these trips, the family decided to stay. They found plenty of opportunities to help the most vulnerable—including the kids in Bugesera District!

Nightingale help kids in Rwanda

Currently, volunteers fly to Rwanda to send help to share their time and resources. Through sponsors, they provide school supplies and food for the children. As a result, kids can attend Christian primary schools, learn to read and write English, eat well, and thrive.

Nightingale CSR in Rwanda

How Your Purchases Are Helping These Kids

More than 80% of Rwandan children live in rural areas with limited access to healthcare, education, and nutrition. Through the Under His Umbrella organization, these children are protected from child labor. We are currently sponsoring five children with educational needs and meals. Every portion of the sales we make helps ensure our continuous support. Together, we’re changing their lives.

Meals for Kids in Rwanda from Nightingale

If you want to send more help to these kids, you can also visit Under His Umbrella’s Website or Facebook page.

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