How Nightingale Was Created

Back in 2014, we learned that our son Dau, was diagnosed with eczema as soon as he was born. We went through all sorts of different creams, home remedies, but nothing really helped. Even the softest cotton washcloths seemed too rough on his skin. 

Newborn Dau

One of his better days… 

Once we found out the bamboo muslin fabric and its benefits, we wanted to pass on the words to every other parent we know. After Dau turned 1, we look back on all the stuff we bought and realized we had not even touched some of them! The remaining items were sparsely used as well, mostly because they did not work as advertised, or because we did not need them as we initially thought. And yet, somehow we were told in one form or another that we needed them all! I guess most first-time parents can probably relate to this.

What’s even worse for someone who doesn't live in a 2,000 sq. ft. home, is that each of those products we bought was made for a specific purpose:

And the list goes on. Not only did that mean our house was quickly filled up with baby products, but things often quickly fell into pieces when we didn’t have this, or that went missing.

Fast forward 2.5 years later, we arrived at the hospital delivering our daughter Alex with a single bag with only some diapers, wet wipes, rash cream, and a couple of bodysuits for her.

THAT hospital bag 

The discussion of baby necessities kept intensifying in our family as both of our kids grew up. As we often travel, we also had to learn to bring only the essentials. From packing light, we started to make more conscious decisions when buying new things, too. When we realized there weren't a lot of products out there that are functional and high quality, we decided to make it our own. Starting with those washcloths we kept talking about. 

That is how Nightingale was born. 

Our mission is simple: Exceptional quality. Gentle on your baby, gentle on the environment. 

Being a parent is hard enough. We believe the products we buy for our babies should make our life easier, not creating more stress and work. 

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