Everything You Need to Know About Birthing Classes

Giving birth can be a fascinating and empowering experience when you go into labor. However, there are things that every mom should know beforehand to make the birth process smooth for herself and her baby, both physically and mentally. She must have the energy when delivery day arrives! This is why we recommend you take birthing classes that teach expectant parents everything from how to prepare themselves before giving birth, medical procedures they might encounter, and what questions will be most helpful during their check-ups. Plus, there's a lot of advice for how to be supportive partners too! Here are some helpful tips and guides on everything you need to know about prenatal classes.

What topics do birthing classes cover

Pregnancy and childbirth are special moments in a woman's life, but they can also be highly stressful. That is why it is comforting to know that you aren't alone during this trying time! Classes available at your local hospital offer opportunities for education on breastfeeding or newborn care as well. Birthing classes typically include lectures, discussions, and exercises led by a skilled birth instructor. Lessons usually cover different topics such as: 

  • The stages of labor 
  • When to call your ob-gyne or midwife when you’re in labor
  • Labor pain management techniques
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Coping strategies during labor

Overall, it helps you prepare for birth better by:

  • Guiding you in making informed choices 
  • Giving you an overview of what to expect in the birthing process. 
  • Educates you on any possible complications during labor and delivery.

 Pregnancy Tips
Birthing classes help expectant moms to prepare for D-Day!

Some hospitals even give tours of their facilities and the maternity ward. The best part about these classes? You'll make new mama friends with other expectant moms who share experiences similar to yours.

What makes a good birthing class?

You’ll know it’s a class worth investing in when… 

  1. It gives you information about the birthing process in general. The coverage should include explanations on how labor and delivery work and how it happens.

  2. It teaches you about the physical changes to your body during pregnancy. It helps you understand what’s happening to your body, why you’re experiencing it, and how to handle these changes.

  3. It allows you to meet other women going through similar experiences. This way, you can share ideas and support each other throughout the birthing process.

  4. It prepares you mentally and emotionally for the birth of your baby. Make sure it includes lessons on managing expectations on D-Day. The classes should help you build strength to overcome any fears you might have before giving birth.

  5. It helps you prepare physically for labor and delivery. Check if it’ll teach you breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, and positions that will ease your discomfort during labor. The best ones inform you what to eat and what exercises you can do while waiting for your baby’s birthday.

  6. It prepares you to care for your baby right after their arrival. There should be lessons that help you learn all the essential things you need to know about breastfeeding, bathing, and all the vital things you need to know to care for your newborn. Newborn Care Tips

  7. The instructors will guide you on caring for yourself after childbirth. The classes should educate you on dealing with birth’s physical and mental effects. It informs you on what to eat and care for your body.

  8. For partners, it’ll teach you how best to handle your partner’s feelings during labor and delivery. Ensure the lessons include how to better support them and tips for enjoying the experience.

  9. It explains which medical procedures are vital and which ones are not, helping you avoid unnecessary medical interventions. The classes should inform you how to actively participate in your health care, training you to communicate with doctors and nurses to meet your needs.

  10. It shares tips and guides on the essential items you should buy. Check if they will share guides on setting up a nursery, buying diapers, and selecting clothes for your baby.

  11. It helps you become more confident about your ability to handle anything that may come up during labor and delivery.This includes dealing with labor pains, coping with cravings, and managing postpartum depression.

  12. It helps you develop a stronger relationship with your doctor. It teaches you how important it is to trust your doctor during labor and delivery. These classes should guide how you communicate with your healthcare provider.

  13. It gives tips on establishing a healthy lifestyle even after birth. Make sure you’ll be guided on eating well, exercising regularly, and taking care of your skin, hair, nails, and teeth.

These classes will give you peace of mind knowing that your pregnancy is the safest possible. If offered by your healthcare provider, go for it!

Birthing Classes Essentials and Tips
Birthing classes allows you to meet other women going through similar experiences.

Who should attend birthing classes?

You should consider attending birthing classes if you’re an:

  • Expecting mom
  • Planning to have a baby
  • If your partner is pregnant. 

Ideally, secondary caregivers, grandparents, and older siblings can join too, to learn how to support the new parents during their birthing journey.  

You can find birthing classes in many places. If you live within driving distance of a hospital or community center that offers the class, then go ahead and take it there! If not, don’t fret: online courses also exist for those who prefer to do it virtually.

How much does it cost to attend birthing classes?

A birthing class costs around $50-$100 per session, depending on the type of class you choose. However, most childbirth classes are free at first, but there may be fees for the following classes.If you want lessons tailored for you and your partner, personalized classes cost anything from $200 to $500 or more per class.

Health insurers should cover childbirth classes, but they must be taught by a certified birth instructor or licensed ob-gyne. If you’d like to have a private birth instructor, consider paying extra.

Birthing Class Tips

Health insurers should cover childbirth classes, but they must be taught by a certified birth instructor or licensed ob-gyne.

How do online birthing classes work?

Online childbirth classes provide a lot more flexibility than in-person courses. You can easily access handouts, videos, and other resources with a click or tap of a finger. You can pause and watch modules again if you need help with something or ask for clarification on an exercise that isn't clear to you—without any risk whatsoever! 

There are both free and paid online classes, but you should be careful about which ones you choose. The instructors must be certified to ensure safety and avoid wasting your precious time. 

The costs vary depending on whether you prefer to pay monthly or annually. Most online classes require a subscription fee, while some require a one-time payment.

You can find many types of childbirth classes online, while other sites provide resources that give step-by-step instructions for preparing for labor and delivery. We’ve listed down the different birthing classes available in this article, depending on your birthing plan. 

The only thing missing from this experience? The personal touch, demonstration, and, interactive experience, like practicing how to change your baby’s diaper. 

Online birthing class tips

There are both free and paid online classes. Choose certified instructors to ensure your baby's safety.

How do you pick an online birthing class?

There are many considerations when picking your birthing class. After all, you’ll be investing time, and money, so it’s crucial to choose well. Here are some things you should consider:
  • First, your preferred birthing method should be compatible with the class. 
  • Look for interactive lessons. If possible, choose one that allows you to ask questions. 
  • Consider the ease of access. Look for one that will enable you to view it even when using a mobile device.
  • Check the reviews. Look at other moms’ experiences from the classes. 
  • Look for one that offers both prenatal and postpartum classes. It’s much more comprehensive. Prenatal classes focus on preparing you for labor and delivery, while postpartum classes focus on caring for your newborn after they arrive.

What are some of the more popular online birthing classes?

Birthing classes are available for everyone. Free online birthing classes, classes for couples, classes for C-section mothers, and more.
Five of the most popular options include:

These sites provide information about pregnancy, birth, and post-natal. Make sure to go through each one and consider how these classes align with your birth plan. Take a look at this super helpful article from Scary Mommy for more insights about birthing classes.  

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I expect to spend in a birthing class?

The length of time you should expect to spend in a childbirth class depends on the kind of class you choose.Some lessons last only an hour, others last several hours. Most classes run for three to four sessions.

What should I wear to my birthing class?

Comfortable clothing is best for childbirth classes. Wear clothing that doesn’t scratch or irritate your skin. Choose clothes that don’t restrict movement. You may want to choose stretchy and comfortable yoga pants if the courses require exercise.

Pregnancy Tips | Birthing Class

Choose to were stretchable and comfortable clothes to your birthing class

What should I bring to my birthing class?

Bring a notebook and pen to write down anything that comes up during the class. Some classes may require you to bring a pillow, mat, or newborn essentials for practice and demos.

What happens after my birthing class ends?

After your childbirth class ends, you may want to research the topics covered. If you would like to continue learning, many resources are available to help you learn more about birth options and techniques.

Is taking a birthing class at home an option?

Yes! There are many ways to attend childbirth classes from home. As we’ve mentioned, many hospitals offer virtual classes, where you can listen to audio lectures while doing household chores. Other methods include downloading videos onto a tablet or smartphone.

What do I need to know before attending birthing classes?

Before attending birthing classes, you should check with your doctor or midwife to ensure that you are fit enough to deliver your baby safely. It’s best to consult your partner if they want to learn anything specific. 

Birthing Classes

Always Consult Your Doctor or Healthcare Provider

Pregnancy is an exciting experience. But always remember to be careful and cautious too. While these online birthing classes can be helpful, this does not substitute professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider to check if your health status allows you to take these classes. 

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