As a baby turns into a toddler, everything you know changes, and it’s time for them to explore spaces on their own. All parents want to develop their child’s independence, and one way we can do this is by giving them their space. If it's time for your toddler to have their own bedroom, this article will give you tips on making the perfect space for them.

As parents, we all know that getting enough sleep is important for their physical and mental health, but with a toddler, who’s just learning about the world, bedtime, and nap times can often be a challenge. Here are some important sleep safety tips for toddlers to help them sleep better.

Whether you’re making the switch from swaddles and sleep sacks to blankets or buying a gift, choosing a toddler blanket isn’t as easy as it looks! Choosing from so many types, materials, and sizes can be challenging. As all parents want the best for their children and want to keep them safe, our shopping guide will help you pick the right blanket your toddler needs.
Though swaddling is often seen as old-fashioned, many parents rely on it to ensure their baby sleeps well (which means they can also rest too). It provides the baby with a familiar sensation of being in the womb; they’re comforted and sleep longer. Here are the ins and outs of safe swaddling and how to use it to promote a good sleep routine.

Giving birth can be a fascinating and empowering experience when you go into labor. However, there are things that every mom should know beforehand to make the birth process smooth, both physically and mentally. This is why we recommend you take birthing classes that teach expectant parents everything you need to prepare before giving birth. Here are some helpful tips and guides on everything you need to know about prenatal classes. 

Pregnancy is such an emotional and physical journey. Your hormones go up and down like a roller coaster, hairs pop out everywhere, there’s the added stress of what parenting style will work best with a baby on board, even though they’re not born yet. Not to mention, worrying about labor and delivery.
To help you prepare, we've listed down the different prenatal classes depending on your birth plan.
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Sleeping pods have become extremely popular, and surveys show that as many as 41% of new parentsplan to use one. However, the Lullaby Trust and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have recently issued warnings about their safety. Here’s everything you need to know about sleep pods and how to use them safely in your home.
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Babies may not be able to tell us how they feel, but watching them scratch at red, inflamed skin certainly gets the point across. Read on to find out what worked best for us when we were exhausted, first-time parents just trying to manage our baby’s eczema.

The children of Rwanda are some of the most vulnerable in Africa, but they're also incredibly brave. We’re committed to giving back, so we partnered with Under His Umbrella Initiative on our latest cause: supporting school kids' education and lunches!


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No matter what stage of feeding you're in, a silicone bib is a must-have. With all the wear and all the baby food that gets dropped on them, it might seem like a challenge to keep them clean. Not to mention, as moms, we're all gung-ho about our kid's safety. So keeping your bibs clean is important. Luckily, our silicone bibs are a breeze to clean. Here are three ways you can clean it.
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If you're here, you’ve likely already decided that co-sleeping feels right for your family and are tired of the judgment of family or doctors. We’ve been there. It’s exhausting answering probing questions and feeling like you need to justify your decision.  We’re here to provide you with practical tips for how to make sharing a bed as safe as possible.
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There's no shortage of sleep advice, whether it's online, in parenting books, or from well-meaning family members, which may feel confusing and unwelcome. It's important to do what's best for your family, and it's helpful to know the current infant sleep safety guidelines. Here's everything you need to know about keeping your baby safe, healthy, and (hopefully!) sleeping.

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